Penetration Testing

Penetration testing services are designed to identify systems vulnerabilities, validate existing controls and provide a roadmap for remediation. A pen test simulates methods that intruders use to gain unauthorized access to an organization's networked systems and then compromise them. It involves using proprietary and open source tools to test for known and unknown technical vulnerabilities in networked systems.
Why Pentesting ?
  • End-to-end penetration testing package that begins with exercises that are designed to be safe and controlled, to simulate covert and hostile attacks.
  • Simplify the process of identifying and prioritizing weaknesses 
  • Reduce risks and downtime by providing specific guidance and recommendations designed to reduce exposures 
  • Improve return on investment by helping you strengthen protection of your critical IT assets
  • External Testing
  • Internal Testing
  • Zero/Complete Knowledge Testing
  • Announced/Unannounced  Testing
  • Manual/Automated Testing
  • Information Gathering ⇒ Vulnerability Analysis ⇒ Simulating Attacks ⇒ Detailed Report
  • The processes of penetration testing passes through three phases, the pre attack phase ,attack phase  and post attack phase.
  • The testing team starts with gathering information about the whole system and network with scanning and security.
  • Then performing analysis to all possible vulnerabilities and ways an attacker could infect the system using many techniques.
  • After these reconnaissance the team starts simulating attacks and test every hardware or software device inside the network.
  • Finally the pentesting team provides a report with all results ,the organization now would know every threat inside their system and start remediation.
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