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Need a more reliable, experienced technical resources... No problem

  • Upgrade, configuration & support for your AIX environment.
  • LVM and file systems management.
  • User and security management.
  • Backing up and restore.
  • Error log analysis.
  • TLs (Technology Levels), Service Packs and updates management.
  • Performance analysis and Tuning.
  • Installation and configuration of additional AIX tools.
  • Upgrades, and Troubleshooting.
  • Onsite and remote support service.
  • Training & Consulting.
  • Data migrations.
  • Implementing HA-CMP.
  • Capacity planning.
  • Install AIX OS software, applications, patches and license.












Need a more reliable, experienced technical resources .. No problem

  • IBM i Disaster Recovery
  • High availability, real-time synchronization and automatic failover
  • Hardware Installation, Upgrades, and Troubleshooting
  • Partition Planning & Partition Implementation (LPAR)
  • Communications Setup and Troubleshooting
  • OS400 Operating System Upgrades
  • Data Migrations
  • PTFs installation 
  • BRMS setup and configuration 
  • Security, Auditing and Compliance Training and Implementation
  • High Availability & Disaster Recovery Planning, Training and Implementation
  • Performance Analysis and Tuning
  • Workload and Sizing Analysis
  • Network Bottlenecks and Trouble Shooting
  • OS and Software
  • Programming, Implementation & Specialty Projects
  • Onsite and remote support service 
  • Training & Consulting


RedHat & Solaris



  • Implement and configure Red Hat infrastructure solution DHCP, DNS, NFS, NIS, FTP, HTTP, Firewall ... etc.
  • Integrate Red Hat Virtualization.
  • Automate the failover and live Migration of the virtual machine.
  • Configure Open VPN over Red Hat.
  • LDAP Installation/Integration using Open-LDAP and Red Hat Directory Server RHDS.
  • Installation/Configuration of Red Hat Cluster Suite RHCS.
  • Installation and configuration of RHEL tools.
  • Install RHEL software, applications, patches and license.



  • Install software, apply patches, and manage file systems.
  • Monitor performance and troubleshoot alerts.
  • System failure analysis and recovery.
  • Manage and lead hardware and software migration and upgrade of varying size and complexity.
  • SPARC platforms Oracle Enterprise Manager Likewise LDAP Integration into Active Directory Hardware installation and data center server deployment experience.
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