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Helps prevent online financial fraud with industry-leading technology


IBM® Security Trusteer Rapport® helps prevent malware and phishing attacks that are the root cause of most financial fraud. It also helps financial institutions to maximize protection of their customers, achieve sustainable fraud prevention and meet regulatory compliance requirements.


IBM Security Trusteer Rapport provides:

Multilayered protection to secure user devices against malware infections and phishing attacks.

Protection of web browser sessions to prevent tampering of customer transactions.

Defense against identity fraud to safeguard personal information.

Prevention of malware infections and removal of existing malware to create a safer online banking experience for customers.

Protection against phishing of login credentials and payment card data to preserve private information.


Multilayered protection

  • Uses industry-leading technology to defend against malware.
  • Provides a field-proven solution backed by a global footprint, security professionals and innovative processes.
  • Offers a broad security solution that helps to meet regulatory compliance standards.


Protection of web browser sessions

  • Defends against man-in-the-browser and man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Locks the browser to help prevent malicious web page injection attacks.
  • Validates online banking IP addresses and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates belonging to the genuine site.


Defense against identity fraud

  • Helps prevent the theft of login credentials and other private data.
  • Protects against takeover of financial accounts and cross-channel fraud.
  • Disables key-logging and screen-capturing attempts of sensitive application pages, such as login and money transfer pages.


Prevention of malware infections

  • Removes existing financial malware from user devices.
  • Helps prevent future infections by stopping attempts to exploit browser vulnerabilities into installing malware on the endpoint.
  • Provides a simpler way to remediate threats on endpoints and resume safer online banking by fraud and support teams.


Protection against phishing

  • Helps prevent credential and payment card data theft by detecting suspected phishing sites on first access by a protected user.
  • Alerts the user of a possible phishing attempt to help prevent data loss.
  • Verifies in near real time that the site is malicious.
  • Adds the site to the IBM Security Trusteer Rapport blacklist to prevent other users from being phished.
  • Notifies the financial institution to allow timely takedown and user credentialing