Dell EMC Unity XT Series

Reduce cost and simplify operations with all-flash unified storage platforms built from the ground up to deliver speed, efficiency and multi-cloud support.

Dell EMC Unity Platform:

Unified block and file in a single product that can be managed with GUI interface. The system is a product of storage for midrange environment (small to midrange customers). It offers also a Software Defined storage platform that is deployed on VMware environment which is Dell EMC Unity VSA

Physical Storage Array:

  • All-flash: Dell Unity XT 880F, 680F, 480F, 380F.
  • Hybrid: Dell Unity XT 880, 680, 480, 380.


  • Support for NAS Protocols.
  • Native block protocols.
  • Core IT apps like Oracle, SAP, SQL, Exchange and SharePoint.
  • Provision of traditional file, block or unified storage for several virtualization and VDI.
  • Available as al-flash or hybrid (SAS flash drives, SAS drives and all NL-SAS drives) arrays.
  • Partner lead configuration that are optimized for Virtual apps (VMware and Hyper-V integration).
  • Multi-core optimized architecture that produces best CPU utilization and low latency.
  • Simplified management through Unisphere interface, Unisphere CLI, Proactive Assist, REST API and CloudIQ.


  • Scalability and Performance: UFS64 Enterprise File System, FAST Cache, Host I/O Limits and File-level Retention (FLR).
  • Efficiency: Fully Automated Storage Tiring for virtual Pools (FAST VP), File System Quotas, Data reduction and advanced deduplication.
  • Data Protection: Local data protection through snapshots, Synchronous & Asynchronous replication and MetroSync.
  • Data Mobility: File Import migration features for block storage resources.
  • Data Security: Data at Rest Encryption (D@RE), Common Antivirus Agent (CAVA), Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) Backup support, IP multi-tenancy support, Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) and Kerberos Authentication.
  • Networking: IP Packet reflect, Advanced static routing, Link Aggregation Control Protocol support (LACP) and Fail-safe network (FSN) support.