What is IBM Watson AI?

  • IBM Watson is a computer system that answers your questions. It is based on cognitive computing.
  • Cognitive computing is a mixture of various techniques such as natural language processing, machine learning, AI.

What are chatbot?

  • A chatbot is a computer program that uses AI to have a conversation with humans.
  • Users can ask questions, make requests and respond to chatbot questions and statements using natural language.
  • A chatbot could support text input, audio input or both.
  • With the help of IBM Watson, you can integrate the artificial intelligence into an important business process.

IBM Watson Content Analytics

  • IBM Watson Content Analytics collects and analyzes structured and unstructured content in documents, email, databases, websites, and other enterprise repositories. By providing a platform for crawling, importing content, parsing data, analyzing content, and creating a searchable index, Watson Content Analytics helps you to perform text analytics across all data in your enterprise, and to make that data available for analysis and search.
  • Analytics on structured information is not new. However, approximately 80% of an organization’s information consists of unstructured information. This wealth of information is untapped.
  • Watson Content Analytics helps organizations derive new business understanding and visibility from the content and context of unstructured information. Watson Content Analytics also provides enterprise search capability that helps organizations to make content from multiple structured and unstructured sources searchable by enterprise users.