Mobile Devise Management

Securing mobile endpoints (including notebooks, tablets and smartphones) is a requirement for most organizations. The controls needed on the mobile endpoint depend on the information to be stored on the device (if any is to be stored at all), the ownership of the mobile endpoint device and the mobile application architecture. This Decision Point examines the architectural decisions for mobile endpoint controls and shows the relationship between security controls, the mobile application architecture, network connectivity and mobile device management.




Mass360 is a mobile device management platform with all of the essential functionality for endpoint management of today’s mobile devices .It supports all major smartphone and tablet

Platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Palm WebOS.
Deployment is quick and in just a few clicks, IT can start enrolling devices by managing the entire mobile    device lifecycle integration, configuration, monitoring, security, support, analytics and reporting.

Why MaaS360

The product provides Complete Mobility Management features:

  • Email, VPN & Wi-Fi profiles
  • Remote locate, lock & wipe
  • Jailbreak & root detection
  • Policy updates & changes
  • Compliance reporting
  • Certificate management
  • BYOD privacy settings
  • App management & distribution

Product Suites

Mobile Device Management:

MaaS360 mobile device management (MDM) is the fastest, most comprehensive way to see and control the mobile devices entering their enterprise.

Secure Productivity Suite: 

MaaS360 Secure Productivity Suite delivers a comprehensive set of cross-platform solutions to isolate and contain work data by enabling employees to securely access corporate data while preserving the mobile experience on their personal devices. It offers:

  • Secure Mail: An intuitive office productivity app for email, calendar & contacts
  • Secure Document Sharing: An extension of the MaaS360 Doc Catalog into a fully secure document container to view and share content
  • Secure Browser: A fully-functional web browser to enable secure access to corporate intranet sites and enforce compliance with content policies.

Mobile Application Management:

MaaS360 simplifies mobile application management by delivering an easy-to-use enterprise app catalog with full security & operational lifecycle management of apps. It offers:

  • Enterprise Application Catalog: An intuitive, customizable enterprise app catalog for iOS & Android devices.
  • Mobile Application Lifecycle Management: A platform to distribute, update, manage & secure both public & enterprise mobile apps.
  • MaaS360 Mobile Application Security: A mobile application container for enterprise apps with full security management.
  • Mobile Application Compliance & Enforcement: Security policies to blacklist, whitelist & require apps. Automated enforcement rules to alert administrators, block email, restrict network resources & perform remote wipes.
  • MaaS360 App Cloud: An option to host & distribute your enterprise mobile apps on a globally optimized app distribution network.
  • Volume Purchase Program: Support for bulk app licenses for employees

Mobile Threat Management:

IBM MaaS360 Mobile Threat Management detects, analyzes and remediates mobile risks, including malware, suspicious system configurations and compromised devices, delivering a new layer of security for Enterprise Mobility Management. It supports malware detection & remediation supplemental jailbreak & root Detection

Mobile Enterprise Gateway:

With MaaS360 Mobile Enterprise Gateway, your organization can have simple, secure access to behind-the-firewall business resources, such as SharePoint, Windows File Share content, Intranet sites and app data, without requiring changes to your network, firewall security configuration or device VPN.

Mobile Expense Management:

MaaS360 provides an integrated mobile device and expense management solution to track data usage and expenses across multiple service plans.

MaaS360 On-Premises:

MaaS360 On-Premises delivers comprehensive platform in a state of the art virtual appliance to deploy in your own environment, whether behind the corporate firewall or in a dedicated hosting center.

Laptop Management:

MaaS360 supports Windows-based laptops, desktops and ultra-books, in addition to smart phones and tablets. All these devices can be managed through a single portal from a web browser.