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Consulting Services

Internalize customer business objectives, strategies and technical requirements, turning that information into a results-oriented plan that defines the business case and evaluates the cost, risk and benefits of the solution. Our Consulting Services are Needs assessment, Future growth analysis, Network analysis, Security audits, and Network reviews.

Professional Services

Support the individual needs of our customers. It can be used to support an installation project of any size or configuration and is meant to complement any existing project management process. Our installation service is supported by certified service engineers & technicians who have the experience and knowledge to ensure an efficient and proper installation. The installation service includes the following

  • Site surveys Pre-configuration
  • On-site engineer & technician
  • Unpacking & staging
  • Installation & rack mount according to specs & requirements
  • Power up & troubleshoot as appropriate

IT Outsourcing

Whether you would like to have we manage your existing infrastructure. As companies grow, their IT infrastructure becomes more and more complex and time consuming and expensive to manage. We realize that and offer services to allow you to focus on revenue generation while we take care of your IT infrastructure. Whether you want to keep your existing infrastructure as is or would like to benefit from the economics of our data centers and cloud services, we are ready to address your specific needs with a team of highly qualified Engineers a state of the art facilities and tools.

Power Systems
Need a more reliable, experienced technical resources... No problem
• Upgrade, configuration & support for your AIX environment.
• LVM and file systems management.
• User and security management.
• Backing up and restore.
• Error log analysis.
• TLs (Technology Levels), Service Packs and updates management.
• Performance analysis and Tuning.
• Installation and configuration of additional AIX tools.
• Upgrades, and Troubleshooting.
• Onsite and remote support service.
• Training & Consulting.
• Data migrations.
• Implementing HA-CMP.
• Capacity planning.
• Install AIX OS software, applications, patches and license.

Need a more reliable, experienced technical resources .. No problem
• IBM i Disaster Recovery
• High availability, real-time synchronization and automatic failover
• Hardware Installation, Upgrades, and Troubleshooting
• Partition Planning & Partition Implementation (LPAR)
• Communications Setup and Troubleshooting
• OS400 Operating System Upgrades
• Data Migrations
• PTFs installation
• BRMS setup and configuration
• Security, Auditing and Compliance Training and Implementation
• High Availability & Disaster Recovery Planning, Training and Implementation
• Performance Analysis and Tuning
• Workload and Sizing Analysis
• Network Bottlenecks and Trouble Shooting
• OS and Software
• Programming, Implementation & Specialty Projects
• Onsite and remote support service
• Training & Consulting
• Implement and configure Red Hat infrastructure solution DHCP, DNS, NFS, NIS, FTP, HTTP, Firewall ... etc.
• Integrate Red Hat Virtualization.
• Automate the failover and live Migration of the virtual machine.
• Configure Open VPN over Red Hat.
• LDAP Installation/Integration using Open-LDAP and Red Hat Directory Server RHDS.
• Installation/Configuration of Red Hat Cluster Suite RHCS.
• Installation and configuration of RHEL tools.
• Install RHEL software, applications, patches and license.