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Drive your business forward with a server that matches your needs. Reduce costs and complexity by investing in a system that handles today’s workload and expands to accommodate future growth.

Lenovo Converged HX Series

Lenovo Converged HX Series

The Era of Complicated, Costly & Unreliable IT is Over

Designed for easy deployment and manageability in scale-out clusters, the Lenovo Converged & HX Series integrates Nutanix software onto Lenovo’s highly reliable and scalable servers. These appliances ship fully integrated, tested, and configured so that you can dramatically accelerate your time to market and reduce your infrastructure maintenance time and costs.



Flex System Carrier-Grade Chassis

High-Availability & Performance. Long-Life.

The Lenovo Flex System Carrier-Grade Chassis boasts high-availability carrier-grade performance:

Scalability: integrated infrastructure platform with both compute/networking functionality

Long-Life Platform: rugged chassis designed for virtualized network & cloud environments

High Reliability: NEBS level 3, ETSI compliance, and up to -48V power

Flex System, a portfolio of chassis, blade servers, storage, and networking options represents an entirely new generation of technology, with more performance and bandwidth, true integrated enterprise SAN storage, and far more capability to consolidate and virtualize than previous systems.

Compute Nodes:

Flex System x240 M5 Compute Node

As organizations face continued pressure to consolidate data center infrastructure, they also wrestle with the need to handle more compute-intensive workloads which are analyzing more data faster than ever before. With all these challenges to meet, there’s never been a better time to choose the Lenovo Flex System x240 M5 Compute Node to work within your Lenovo Flex System.

The 2-processor Flex System x240 M5 Compute Node delivers major advances in performance, capacity, management simplicity, and networking flexibility to help you keep operating costs down without sacrificing efficiency, reliability or security. For workloads that require a balance of memory, processor and I/O bandwidth, the variety of Flex System x240 M5 models gives you the flexibility to optimize each resource to adapt to meet your workload’s needs.